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Issue 11 - MARCH 2017


Bahrain Bourse signed on Thurs-

day, 16 March 2017 an agreement

with Mubasher Company, licensing

Mubasher to commence its mar-

ket making services in Bahrain

Bourse. The agreement was signed

by Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ebrahim Al

Khlaifa, CEO of Bahrain Bourse

and Eng. Mohammed Rasheed Al

Ballaa, Chairman of Mubasher.

Shaikh Khalifa expressed his de-

lightedness with the commence-

ment of Mubasher’s Market Mak-

ing services in the Bourse, which

will have a positive impact on in-

creasing the market depth and en-

hancing the trading activity, given

the wide experience Mubasher has

along with the diversified network

of offices and distinctive client da-

tabase, making it one of the biggest

brokerage companies in the region.

Shaikh Khalifa also wished

Mubasher success, noting that the

completion of the Bourse’s legis-

lative, technological and technical

requirements according to inter-

national standards participated as

noted by the licensing of multi-

ple market makers in the Bourse

during a short period of time.

Shaikh Khalifa assured the com-

mitment of the Bourse in develop-

ing its different work aspects in a

way that meets the ambitions and

expectations of all related parties,

contributing to the investment cli-

mate of the capital sector and in-

creasing the competitiveness of the

Bourse in attracting more invest-

ments to all the economic sectors in

the Kingdom of Bahrain, leading to

the national economy’s prosperity.

He also pointed that the pres-

ence of more than one mar-

ket maker in the Bourse will

benefit investors and improve

the services provided to them.

Chairman of Mubasher, Eng. Mo-

hammed Rasheed Al Ballaa said

that signing this market making

agreement goes in line with the

long-term strategy to enhance our

presence in Bahrain and contrib-

ute to increase trading activity

and improve market efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the

market making guidelines is-

sued by the Bourse highlighted

the mandatory procedures to be

followed by market makers in-

terested in applying for a license.

Legal, administrative, finan-

cial, technical and accounting

requirements that must be met

when submitting applications,

as well as the need to meet the

Capital Adequacy requirements

are clarified in the Guidelines.