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Issue 11 - MARCH 2017

The Board of Directors of Bah-

rain Clear held on Sunday 26


March 2017 its first meeting with

the presence of all members. At

the beginning of the meeting

and as per the company’s Arti-

cle of Association, the members

elected Abdulkareem Bucheeri

as the Chairman of the compa-

ny and Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebra-

him Alkhalifa as Vice-Chairman.

During the meeting, the Board

discussed the action plan submit-

ted by Thomas Murray to estab-

lish Bahrain Clear Company. The

Board also looked into the other

requirements of the Central Bank

of Bahrain along with the adminis-

trative and technical requirements

of establishing Bahrain Clear

and discussed the mechanisms

to achieve those requirements.

Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim

Al-Khalifa was appointed as a

Managing Director to manage the

company until a Chief Executive Of-

ficer is appointed for the company.

Bahrain Clear Company is ful-

ly owned by Bahrain Bourse

with an Authorized Capital of

BD5,000,000 and Paid Capital

of BD1,000,000. The company’s

Board includes Abdulkareem Bu-

cheeri, Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebra-

him Alkhalifa, Yasser Abduljalil

Alsharifi, Mohammed Khalid

Hashem, Narjes Farookh Jamal and

Mahmood Abdul Azeez Almeer.

The main activities include es-

tablishment, management and

operation of platforms relating to

depository, clearing and settlement

of deals in securities and deriva-

tives. It will also manage the share

registrars and offer custodian ser-

vices as well as all consultancy and

technical services in the field of de-

pository, clearing and settlement.



Bahrain Bourse, in cooperation

with the Bahrain Institute of Bank-

ing and Finance (BIBF) launched

a new Trading Course to enhance

the skills of Investing and Trading

among Bahrainis. Both the BIBF

and BHB will launch joint ini-

tiatives promoting trading skills

among School children, Univer-

sity students, Bankers and every-

one who wishes to learn the skill-

fulness of trading professionally.

The Bahrain Bourse will facilitate

the BIBF Dealing room courses to

its stakeholders, while the BIBF

will offer current simulation pro-

grammes to meet dynamic market

requirements through market sur-

veys and focus group discussions.

The BIBF will support BHB in ad-

dressing training needs of staff in

Capital Markets with programmes

like “Securities Market Regulation

Certification” - Based on Series 79.

Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa ,

CEO of Bahrain Bourse said that

the signing of the mutual coop-

eration agreement introduces a

specialized educational platform

of investing in financial markets

will be launched. The platform

will encompass awareness pro-

grams to address the needs of

all ages of citizens and will open

up doors to cooperate in various

areas between BHB and BIBF

during the upcoming period. We

hope that a large segment of citi-

zens benefit from the educational

opportunities that the platform

will provide to enhance their in-

vestment awareness and develop

their skills in dealing at bours-

es and capital markets,” he said.

The Director of the BIBF, Ms.

Solveig Nicklos, said “We see this

initiative between the BIBF and

BHB a further enhancement to the

skill-set required in Capital Mar-

kets. The approach we are taking

is a holistic one where we are tak-

ing steps to boost required skills

from an early stage starting with

schools and move upwards to train

professionals at the same time.”