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Issue 11 - MARCH 2017

Bahrain Bourse (BHB) in con-

junction with the BCCI SME

Committee organized a special

event at Bait Al-Tijjar premises

on Wednesday (March 8) to in-

troduce the Bahrain Investment

Market (BIM) to the Bahrain

Chamber for Commerce and In-

dustry (BCCI) members. The Bah-

rain Investment Market (BIM), set

to launch this coming April, is an

innovative equity market that is de-

signed to help fast-growing compa-

nies in Bahrain, GCC, and wider

MENA region seeking capital to

fund their growth and expansion.

In the presentation, Bahrain

Bourse Marketing and Business

Development Director Mr. Hani

Al-Mandeel gave an overview of

the Bahrain Investment Market

(BIM) and detailed its objectives

and benefits, noting that it offers

companies a cost-effective fi-

nancing option via direct public

offering to investors worldwide.

The Bahrain Investment Mar-



ket (BIM), which is approved by

the Central Bank of Bahrain and

operated by the Bahrain Bourse

(BHB), offers a more relaxed reg-

ulatory framework with easier

disclosure and minimal admission

requirements. In addition, it pro-

vides companies with support and

guidance before and after listing

provided through specialized ad-

visory firms which are authorized

by the Bahrain Bourse (BHB).

To this end, Bahrain Bourse CEO

Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khal-

ifa said, “The Bahrain Investment

Market (BIM) is the culmination

of diligent efforts to establish an

innovative world-class market

that serves the growth of compa-

nies and protects the interests of

the company owners and inves-

tors. It is also the continuation of

the Kingdom of Bahrain’s proven

track record as a pioneering fi-

nancial hub and business-friendly

environment that boasts a reg-

ulatory framework consistently

ranked amongst the very best in

the world in terms of robustness,

transparency, and infrastructure.”

Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa

added that the Bahrain Investment

Market (BIM), once launched and

trading activity commences, is

expected to play a significant role

in supporting Bahrain’s econom-

ic vision objective of diversifying

the economy. Enabling fast-grow-

ing companies to obtain needed

growth capital has many positive

economic ripple effects such as

encouraging entrepreneurship,

creating new job opportunities,

and boosting the private sector’s

contribution to the national econ-

omy, as well as enriching the local

financing portfolio which helps to

attract foreign direct investments.

“The local and regional markets

are ready for such a market and

there is a real need for it, as evi-

denced by a number of trends and

figures. Government initiatives

geared towards economic diversi-

fication, particularly in countries

traditionally reliant on oil revenues,

have steadily increased the private

sector’s share of the national econ-

omy year-on-year,” Sh. Khalifa bin

Ebrahim Al Khalifa further noted.

The introductory session is the first

of a series of several sessions that

will be organized by the Bahrain

Bourse (BHB) over the next few

months to engage the private sec-

tor and media in order to famil-

iarize companies with the Bahrain

Investment Market (BIM) and how

it works and answer their queries.

Companies interested in listing

on Bahrain Investment Market

(BIM) and specialized advisory

firms interested in becoming au-

thorized by the Bahrain Bourse

(BHB) may contact the Bahrain

Bourse (BHB) Help Desk by call-

ing (+973) 17 261260 or email-


[email protected]