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Issue 11 - MARCH 2017

The ceremony was attended by

Minister of Industry, Commerce,

and Tourism (MoIC) in Bahrain

and the Minister-In-Charge of

Bahrain Bourse H.E. Zayed Rashid

Al-Zayani, Bahrain Bourse Chair-

man Mr. Abdulkareem Bucheeri

Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain

Bourse Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al

Khalifa, Tamkeen Chief Executive

Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, CEO of EDB

Mr. Khalid AlRumahi, Managing

Partner of KPMG in Bahrain Ja-

mal Fakhro, and Managing Direc-

tor of Keypoint Wajdi Al-Jallad.

Bahrain Bourse CEO Sh. Khal-

ifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa said,

“I am pleased to say that the

Bahrain Investment Market is

now officially open for business!


Having two of the leading advi-

sory firms coming on board as

authorized sponsors and more

expected to join soon, as well as

Tamkeen’s new dedicated support

program, adds even more value

to the BIM’s innovative world-

class equity market ecosystem.”

Sh. Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khal-

ifa also noted that the BIM was

developed to address two needs

in the market simultaneously. The

first is the financing gap faced by

fast-growing companies who seek

growth capital but are not yet at

the level where they are able to

meet the criteria of the Bahrain

Bourse Mainboard. The second

is the global investors increasing

demand to invest in companies in

the region, as indicated by the 42%

increase in Bahrain Bourse trad-

ing volumes from 2015 to 2016.

Start-ups represent the larg-

est and fastest-growing seg-

ment of the private sector.

Tamkeen’s Chief Executive Dr.

Ebrahim Janahi said, “Tamkeen’s

support for the Bahrain Investment

Market comes as part of our efforts

to support enterprises across all

stages of development and making

the private sector the key driver of

economic growth, a key element

of which is supporting opportu-

nities for growth and addressing

any key challenges businesses can

face at each stage of their lifecycle.

Managing Partner of KPMG in

Bahrain Jamal Fakhro, noted,

“KPMG has had a presence in

the country for nearly 50 years,

and we understand the needs and

challenges that local enterpris-

es face. We are looking forward

to combining our local expertise

with our global network and re-

sources to provide companies

wishing to be listed within the

BIM with market-leading insights

and tailored Advisory services.”

Managing Director of Keypoint

Wajdi Al-Jallad, commented, “We,

at Keypoint, are proud to partici-

pate as Authorized Sponsors and

we pledge our commitment to

play an effective role to support

the vision of the Bahrain Bourse

to make Bahrain Investment

Market a successful initiative”.