About CSD

The Central Securities Depository (CSD) at Bahrain Bourse is based on the fundamental principle of book-entry as a mean of representing ownership and movement of securities. CSD account holders enjoy the convenience of electronic securities transfer and trade settlement, besides being able to obtain up-to-date information on their shareholding. Investors may also obtain the benefits of reduced cost and risks previously associated with the physical certificated environment.

All investors are required to open a securities account with any Licensed Participant through the CSD before they conduct any transaction of securities on Bahrain Bourse. The CSD attracts wide local and international market participants with Bahrain Bourse's CSD providing a wide and comprehensive selection of services through its network of licensed brokers and custodians.

Central Depository
Central Securities Depository is a directorate within Bahrain acting as a Clearing House and manage Depository operations on behalf of the bourse. Securities in Bahrain exist in two forms ...
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Clearing & Settlement
The settlement cycle for on-the-exchange trades is T+2. All trades are cleared and settled via a book entry by Bahrain Bourse’s Settlement & Central Depository Department.
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Central Registry
The Central Registry Unit was launched by Bahrain Bourse as a part of CSD purposely to handle a central database.
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